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We specialize in wedding videography capturing high quality products. In the film business 90% of production is in the pre-production; Flicker Chronicles works with couples who are looking for the best in wedding cinematography. We make your special memories a film for you to enjoy with family and friends for a lifetime. Our dedicated expert team directs the details of your wedding film production, allowing you the freedom to enjoy the biggest day of your life. We film major points to the smallest details any bride and groom might have missed. 


Cinematography Style 4K Recording


What is 4K? You remember your TV screen and monitors before 1080p? The image wasn’t that sharp, the contrast wasn’t as crisp. You could even see the pixels that made a curved line look like many jigs and jags of little straight lines which were the edges of the pixels.

4K is more than doubling the 1080p. 4K is here now and, if you choose, videography is already shooting in this new format. We hope to have clips up soon of a wedding shot in 4K so you can see the difference for yourself. The differences are tremendous.

Even though the actual 4K resolution has been altered (compressed) to 3840 x 2160 to fit the normal 16:9 picture format for TV, the difference is tremendous. That’s still four times the total number of pixels on a full HD 1080p screen which is just 1920 x 1080.


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I started in the wedding industry as a wedding photographer and did portrait photos for greeting cards. When I got married, my wife and I started the video business, worked with that for about 6 years and then pursued other interests. We have over 20 years together in film and video; we now live in the state of Washington and want to get back into the business of video work. Times have changed and so has the technology, the equipment I used years before would not cut it so we have all new equipment to do better video and audio of your day with the new style and gear. As a filmmaker, we are used to telling a story as it happens with the cinematic films we create.

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